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Companies & People Uniting to Make a Difference


Robert Scott Laforge

Scott LaForge is a visionary leader in software development with a successful track record of creating groundbreaking training experiences using emerging technologies. With expertise in developing 3D custom training simulations, Scott has worked with industry leaders like Oshkosh, Komatsu, MRIGlobal, GE Healthcare, Pfizer, and ForgeFX Simulations. His work integrates AI, Mixed Reality, adaptive environments, and immersive multiuser scenarios to deliver accessible and cost-effective programs.

Scott LaForge
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Lauren Morrell

Lauren Morrell

Founder | CEO

Pugilist Orb

Lauren, a native New Yorker with connections to Maine, boasts a rich and varied background spanning film, music, advertising, animation, marketing, and finance on Wall Street. Over her career, she's taken on diverse roles such as film, video, and audio editor, set dresser, production designer, executive producer for a non-profit online media company, animator, marketer, graphic designer, reorg clerk, social media manager, freelancer, content creator, a business owner, and as part of the communications team  for the Dr. Cornel West 2024 campaign.

Her film and video work includes collaborations with entities such as The Shooting Gallery in New York, as well as notable productions such as the award-winning Billy Bob Thornton film "Sling Blade," Nick Gomes' "Ill-town," and Bob Balaban's "The Last Good Time," as well as various music videos and commercial shoots.

While on Wall Street, Lauren experienced the tragic events of 9/11 firsthand, prompting her and fellow New Yorkers to rally together in its aftermath. This poignant experience sowed the seeds for what would become Pugilist Orb.

Driven by escalating social and environmental challenges, Lauren sought to innovate and refine approaches to tackle urgent global issues. Rather than reinventing the wheel, she aimed to optimize existing frameworks for greater efficacy.

Reflecting on the unity witnessed post-9/11, where strangers banded together to aid one another, Lauren found inspiration for a revolutionary concept. This led to the birth of Pugilist Orb, a company founded on the belief that through creativity, contribution, and community, they could provide groundbreaking support to entities striving for positive change while making a significant global impact of their own.

Pugilist Orb

Brian Leonard

Maine Sky Media

Brian, originally from Detroit, Michigan, has found his home in Maine, where his exceptional character is fueled by an unwavering passion and dedication. His career has been defined by wholehearted collaboration with diverse non-profit organizations, serving as a driving force for the betterment of humanity and the environment. 


Brian's academic journey culminated in a distinguished graduation with honors from Southern Maine Community College, where he excelled in the field of "Communications/New Media." This educational achievement bestowed upon him profound knowledge and invaluable skills, empowering him to devise effective communication strategies that foster positive transformations within communities.


Above all, Brian shines as an extraordinary individual, resolutely committed to making a profound impact on the world. His remarkable contributions to the non-profit sector, coupled with his fervent dedication to communication and media, serve as a testament to his unwavering mission of promoting social and environmental justice.

Brian Leonard
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