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Pillars Me .com

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The world is diverse. Your Social Media should be too.

Do you want to walk away form your social media feeling smarter, productive, creative, inspired, actually social and way cooler, all while saving the world? You've come to the right place, baby!


Our unique form of philanthropy gets a workout in our ProSo platform 

What is a ProSo platform? It's similar to social media only much more social, creative, innovative and philanthropic. 

Everyone has a love / hate relationship with social media. Though we love our friends and family, social media is mostly something that robs us of a lot of time, sells our private information to advertisers and leaves us feeling empty.

Pillars not only gives back to YOU, the user, but you're also in complete control of your experience while having access to all of your favorite tools, news, media, music and friends, all in one relaxing, positive, fun, digital oasis. Pillars encourages collaboration, innovation, creativity and positive social impact. And when you want to kick back, you can use it just like all of your other favorite platforms.

The bonus? You actually help to save the world just by using the platform your way!

Go, you! 

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