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Pretentious Poetry Theater

Pretentious Poetry Theater

Poetry meets biography and education in this fun love letter to poets and their poems.


Some people hear the word "Poetry” and immediately run for the door. Poetry often gets dismissed as dry, boring, and pretentious, but most poets and poems are anything but. Poems explore universal themes like love, war, joy, social commentary and are usually inspired by the interesting lives, imaginations and experiences of the people who write them. 

The Pretentious Poetry Theater project was created to challenge these misconceptions and spark an interest in poetry. It features fifty-two 3 to 5-minute animated shorts that blend poetry, biography, and humor. Each animation showcases a different poet reading their work while giving a glimpse into their life. Fascinating facts about the poets are shared at the end. Viewers are then encouraged to visit the Pretentious Poetry Theater website where they can watch the animations, delve into the poets' works and biographies, and even learn more about the fascinating people behind the poems. This project aims to introduce poetry to new audiences and entertain poetry enthusiasts, fostering appreciation for both renowned and lesser-known poets by revealing their personal stories.

Feel free to visit Pretentious Poetry Theater's "coming soon" page and click around for some soundbites. We've hidden 4 fun audio easter eggs.

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